Doing Business in RAK

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RAK Medcal University

RAK Medical University

Life has always been good in Ras Al Khaimah, where natural beauty and economic opportunity have attracted settlers and traders for thousands of years. Fueled by RAK’s rising per capita income and abundant lifestyle offerings, life in modern day RAK is better than ever and continuing to blossom.

RAK’s educational system, including the prestigious English-speaking RAK Academy, is widely acclaimed and internationally competitive. Housing, whether a villa on the beach or a spacious flat in a sleek high rise, is abundant, affordable, and high quality. Healthcare in RAK is world-class and easily accessible. Nature-lovers are guaranteed to fall in love with RAK’s sun-kissed beaches, beautiful mountains and rugged deserts. Families will have no trouble staying busy in one of the Emirate’s many resorts, parks, and cultural attractions. For a taste of the big city, Dubai is less than an hour’s drive away.

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